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CM Foundation

Crystal Mind Foundation is a platform for my social impact. Through this foundation, I seek to make a difference beyond the research and consulting work that I do in organizations. Here, I focus specifically on education for less privileged and community building in Africa.
Wonder why I focus on Africa and these two areas? Here is WHY...

I grew up in Nigeria without much wealth but was very fortunate to live comfortably—thanks to my parents. While my mother was a school teacher who was committed to education and supporting me in reaching the highest level of education possible, I saw many parents struggling to send their children to school. National Bureau of Statistics reports that there were even more unable to send their child so due to poverty. This made me realize the importance of nurturing and developing the minds of future leaders in Africa with the right knowledge and values.

To address this, I founded the Crystal Mind Foundation to help educate less privileged children in Africa, particularly in Nigeria. We fund school fees and offer Back-to-School programs to help students who had to leave school due to financial reasons return to complete their studies. Additionally, I personally offer motivational sessions focused on education, leadership, and career development to help young people connect with their dreams and passions.


If you're interested in learning more about the CM Foundation or contributing to this cause, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Mayowa Babalola, PhD
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